Hufford School Drop-Off / Pick-Up Traffic Plan Modification

The City of Joliet, in coordination with the Joliet Public Schools, District 86 will be modifying the drop-off and pick-up traffic plans for the Hufford Junior High School. Currently, parents are allowed to enter the school parking lot off Ingalls Avenue from both the east and west directions. Beginning on Monday, September 10, traffic will only be allowed to enter the Ingalls Avenue parking lot from the eastbound direction. All vehicles will be required to line up in the eastbound direction, in a newly striped

Signage and pavement marking modifications will be completed over the weekend to restrict westbound traffic from turning left into the parking lot during the drop-off and pick-up operations. An additional turn restriction will be made at the intersection of Ingalls Avenue and Larkin Avenue. Vehicles will no longer be able to make a right turn onto Larkin Avenue from eastbound Ingalls Avenue on school days, when children are present. This restriction will reduce traffic backups and improve the overall safety for the motorists and pedestrians. The traffic plans for all bussed students will not be changed. Motorists are advised to use caution while driving in this area. Contact the City of Joliet Department of Public Works at 815-724-4200 with any questions.

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