Free Event Focuses On Overscheduled Students May Hurt More Than Help

Feeling frazzled by your students’ overwhelming schedule? You’re not alone. To help, Plainfield District 202 will present “Overscheduled Students (and Frazzled Parents) – preparing your child for a competitive world without losing your sanity.” This free event begins at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, September 13, 2018 at Plainfield North High School. Tim Albores, director for high school student services says the world puts so much pressure on our children to succeed that they often end up taking on too many activities.

The Plainfield Parent Community Network will present this special free program in the Plainfield North High School auditorium located at 12005 248th Ave, in Plainfield. The program will be available in both English and Spanish.

Panelists include Stephanie Kennedy, president of Kennedy Educational Services and co-founder of My College Planning Team; Marty Beirne, a licensed clinical professional counselor at Linden Oaks Behavioral health and former high school and middle school teacher and administrator; Christina Pavlich, the school social worker at Walker’s Grove Elementary School in District 202; and Plainfield South High School senior Lauren Sreniawski.

The panel will discuss; how overscheduling can help – and hurt – kids and their parents. Common warning signs and symptoms that your child is overscheduled, and the best ways to respond. Simple ways to determine the right balance of organized activities, unstructured play and appropriate parent-child interaction. Proven stress management strategies. District 202 social workers, special education administrators and counselors formed the PPCN in fall 2016 to support parents with common parenting needs.

This is the first PPCN meeting this school year. A committee comprising district administrators, principals, counselors and community members oversees the PPCN.

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